Beyond Our Beliefs

Are you willing to look?



You’ve most likely found your way here because you’re interested in looking more deeply at what’s really going on. 

Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries give us a radical way to examine our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. Ultimately, we discover that what we’ve believed to be very real is, in fact, far from substantial.

We can go for many years without examining the fundamental assumptions on which our lives rest. We believe that we are separate selves relating to separate others. We believe that the world is out there, while we are in here, in our bodies. We feel that there is something wrong with us. We try hard to make it all work, and yet we often find ourselves struggling or suffering. The Living Inquiries are an invitation to discover that our houses have been built on sand – that what we truly are is not what we’ve believed, at all. 

The inquiries aren’t some dry, cerebral mind-exercise. They are an experiential dive into the fullness of our experience, during which we get to fully feel all that has previously been suppressed, avoided, or otherwise denied. Paradoxically, it is by letting it all be, exactly as it is, that we see we are not what we’ve taken ourselves to be. And that seeing is life-changing. 

“Thanks Fiona… I feel there is no place I cannot go with you as I move into those painful and dark places where I dared not look before and discover there the key to liberation in my heart.”

I’m one of the Living Inquiries facilitators formally trained by Scott, and I offer sessions on Skype and in person. I love working with people, and I know from my own experience just how powerful and effective these inquiries are. All it takes is a willingness to look – you don’t need any knowledge of the process. Just come as you are, and we’ll take it from there. 

Here’s a brief video introduction to the inquiries. 

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